As a craftsman and an artist, I have created this page for two reasons. One is to display and market my work. The other is to share information about wood and woodworking with others who share my love for it.

Richard Taylor Designs specializes in fine lighting and accessories. Our unique designs are handcrafted with care and made of woods selected for fine grain and figuring. We are a small company located in Arcata, California, in the heart of the redwoods. In this beautiful area, many artists and crafters like myself are inspired by the natural beauty around us.

My latest design is a table lamp based on the Banner sconce. The table lamp page has some detail photographs that show it off from various angles.

Also, I hope you'll peruse the interactive Banner Builder page that allows you to see the full potential of our Banner sconce, which works well in multiples. This Banner Builder page lets you play with the sconces and design your own lighting arrangement. Then, when you've got the pattern you want, you can print it out and send it to us so that we can fill your order. We hope you enjoy it.


If you have any questions after reviewing our site, please feel free to contact us at 707.839.3406

"Part of a craftsman's purpose in life should be to establish a living relationship with his material and its innate qualities" — James Krenov


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